Wednesday, August 27, 2008

RESULTS- "The Price is Right" Single Serving Horizon Milk

Sorry for keeping you hanging so long. I know you must all be dying to know the actual cost of the milk. (See this post if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

First, I want to say thanks to everyone who played! I'm so glad you joined in the fun and I hope you'll play the next time I do this. (I already have in mind the next item but I'm going to catch up on some other blogging topics before another round of "The Price is Right.") Anyways, thanks again for leaving comments. :-)

Next, I'll announce the price of the item, which was a single serving Horizon milk (any flavor)...
S$5 = US$3.52
[I used "Coinmill" to convert the
Singapore dollars to U.S. dollars.]
Can you believe it? Almost 4 bucks for a little thing of milk. Yeah, sure, it's organic but, come on! That is nuts, if you ask me.

Next - - THE WINNERS!!!!
1st - Jenny in CA
(She barely beat out the next two contestants by a difference of 2 cents.)
(2-way tie) for 2nd -
"3boysmama" (Crystal) and Lisa G.

Jenny guessed US$4 and Crystal and Lisa G. guessed US$3. If I were doing "The Price is Right" TV rules, Jenny would have been eliminated because she guessed higher than the actual price. However, this is "The Price is Right" blog-style so she remains the winner, though only by 2 cents.

Honorable Mentions --
*Melanie - Extra points for trying to guess the size. You guessed 6 oz. but I THINK it was actually 8 oz., though I'm not certain.
*"justnessa" - Kudos for knowing how much a case at Costco costs AND how much Starbucks (in U.S.) charges for one. You didn't mention how many are in a case though. I'd be interested to use the per case cost divided by the number of milks in one case to calculate the cost of one milk purchased at Costco and compare it to how much I'd pay here.

General Comments --
*No... I did not actually purchase this item. Anyone who knows me could probably guess that there is no way I would pay that much money for a little thing of milk.
*Not all milk in Singapore is that expensive. It's the fact that it's organic and it's from America (I think) that makes it so expensive. In case you are wondering, a half-gallon of organic milk costs about S$16 here. That's a little more than US$11. Nope. Not buying that either. The non-organic is much less expensive (though still not cheap), but not enough to make us switch to soy or rice milk. Thankfully, we don't use much milk. I think cheese will be more of a problem. That's more than S$10 for a small block of cheddar. Yikes!


  1. I'd like to thank my agent, the academy, and all the little people who made this possible....

    I'm a winner!!!!

    I think at here at Borders, those cost $1.30..I'll check next time and get back to you, I just bought two yesterday, you'd think I would remember.

    fun game, Starlene! I'm looking forward to the next round.

  2. Yikes!! I think those buggers are expensive here ! :D

  3. Milk here has gotten expensive, but that's crazy! For a gallon of Horizon organic milk it is over $6.

    Glad I found you again! Everyone from Grace was wondering how you are doing.

    Hope you are settling in there well.


  4. I think $1.50 is crazy. I would probably have to have my jaw hinged shut if I lived there!


  5. Because if the prices, not because I drink so much milk.


  6. LOL, Justnessa! Thanks for the laugh. :-)