Friday, August 22, 2008

"The Price is Right"- Single Serving Horizon Organic Milk

Can you guess the price of this item?
It doesn't matter which flavor. They are all the same price.
You are guessing the price of only one of these and they are the single serving size.

For directions on how to play, see this post:


  1. Hmmm... I'd have to say $3.00 american?

    So great to find your blog! Aaron visited Singapore last year on business and he LOVED it. He wants us all to go their on vacation sometime so now we'll have someone we know there!

  2. I'll guessing $4.50. This is fun!

  3. hm.... $2.26 :D Pick Me.. .pick me! He He...

  4. I'm going to guess $4.00 american.

    I am guessing it's time for you guys to switch to soy or rice milk, yes??

    fun game idea, keep them coming!

  5. I didn't know milk could be bought in single serving serving size by anyone outside of grade school; that's the last time I had it!

    So pure guess $.75 for 6oz. Do I get extra points for GUESSING the size?

  6. Wow! Thanks for playing. :-) I'll write a results post in a minute so you don't have to keep wondering.