Monday, August 4, 2008

Back Online!!

The lengths we will go to in order to get online - - -

*1 blown out electrical supply/cord/thingymadoodle
*1 time blowing out the electricity in the outlets on the wall we were plugged into
*1 purchase and subsequent return of a converter that didn't solve the problem
*About 5 different stores visited by Gander to find a transformer/converter that would work
*1 purchase (almost S$300, by the way) of an adapter for laptops that seems to be working

Now we are finally back online!!

I still haven't been able to fire up my computer; I've just been using Gander's. I don't know how to download photos onto Gander's computer so, I'm sorry but you will have to keep waiting to see pictures. Maybe I can get to that tomorrow or the next day.

I just wanted to check in before bedtime. We need to get an early start tomorrow. Our "agent" (realtor + local guide type person) will be taking us to see 9 condos tomorrow so we need to get our rest.


  1. Hey Starlene!

    Glad to hear that no computers died during your experimental converter fun.

    Really looking forward to some photos. Pop on by my blog to see what walls Sky is knocking down right now. Oh the mess.

  2. Yah... trust me, I was praying that there wouldn't be any fires or explosions.