Friday, August 8, 2008

The post about blogging and my new MacBook!!!!

It seems I can't go anywhere without thinking about blogging. I am finding myself, more and more, thinking, "I should blog about this," or "_____ would be a good name for a post about this." I don't suppose this is a bad thing but it IS a frustrating thing. It has been difficult to get online. My last post was about overcoming the obstacles related to using a different electricity supply for our computers. Now my problem is actually getting an internet connection. I'll spare you the details and just say... it's a pain in the toosh.

So, just so you know, my plans for blog entries are grand and you won't be sorry if you come back to read them (I hope)! I just need:
1. more time to spend blogging (which I will have next week when the girls start school),
2. to figure out a way to get my photos from my old computer onto this computer or figure out a way to get my old computer to connect to the internet.
3. a more reliable way of connecting to the internet.

For now, will you accept my apologies for not blogging about more interesting things and a promise to do better in the future?

OH.... and I almost forgot. I was going to tell you about my new MacBook!!! Well, it's not actually "mine." It's more "ours" (for me and Gander) but since he will be working and traveling so much, I expect that I will get to use it more (lucky me!).
Here it is - -


  1. Starlene,

    wow, I am so jealous!!

    I hope you get your internet issues worked out, so we can hear more about your life there.

    You might try putting the photos on a media stick and then putting it on the mac- that's how we do it. I'm blanking out here on the real name for those things...

    have a good weekend!

  2. Hi Starlene
    Being a long time mac user, if you have any quesstions just e mail me. The easy way to transfer photos from a pc to a mac is load them on to a cd or flash card and then when you load them into your new mac open
    I Photo and transferimages. If you hit command and A at the same time on the cd or flash card it will select all the images and then just drag them into Iphoto,
    Uncle Al
    If this does not make sense let me know.

  3. Thanks!! I figured it out and should be posting some pics in the next few days. :-)

  4. Welcome to Macintosh! After the first few weeks of adjusting to a new operating system you'll wonder why you ever used a PC.
    I could have saved some trouble and money re: electricity. The Mac power supply is rated at 110-240 volts and 50-60 Hz and will work without a converter. You just need get the adapter to fit the Singapore style plugs. To verify this you can look at the side of your power supply and in very tiny letters you can read the power ratings. I've used my Mac laptop in Vietnam, England and the Philippines without a problem.
    When you get your internet problems stabilized we should try a iChat video link. Claire and Rebecca would love it.
    I you have any Mac questions don't hesitate to give me a shout.

    P.S. You should be getting comments from Rebecca and Claire too.

  5. Thanks, Leonard! Good to hear from you. And thanks for the "tech support." :-D
    We actually were using the converter/adaptor thing for a Dell and another PC computer (don't remember what kind b/c it was my husbands. Our mac actually came with the special plug we needed. It just took us a little while to figure out how to remove the American plug and put in ours.
    Yes. I am working on figuring out how to use iChat. I'm trying to decide if I want to purchase a Mobileme account or if I should just get an AIM account for free. Leaning toward the Mobileme because I like the way that photos can be shared. If you have any words of advice, I'm all ears. :-)
    I'll have to let you guys know once I figure out how to use iChat.