Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Overdue - the post about our first day in Singapore

As promised, here are some more photos. These are all from our first day in Singapore.

The building in the center of the photos is where we are living right now - - on the SIXTEENTH floor!! I kind of have to keep my distance from the windows. I don't mind looking out the windows as long as I don't look down.

In the bottom left-hand corner of this photo you can see part of a large shopping center that is home to a department store called Takashimaya. The tall tower is part of the development. I *think* it is condos but it might be offices. I'm not sure.

Here is what is hiding in the basement of the Takashimaya shopping center. Well, I guess it isn't really hiding but, from the looks of the rest of the mall I wouldn't expect to find this here. This is a store full of children's items.
Do these people like to shop or what??

The pictures here are inside another shopping center, just across the street. It is The Paragon. I feel like I'm in Beverly Hills inside The Paragon. It is full of extremely upscale shops - A/X Armani Exchange, Tod's, Cartier, Coach, etc. See how many people are shopping? Crazy!!

To greet us on our first day in Singapore, this orchestra from a middle school played outside The Paragon. Actually, they were performing to celebrate the 43rd birthday of Singapore. There were various groups performing the whole weekend preceding "National Day" (on August 9) to honor their country.
Finally, we found a restaurant for dinner about 8 pm. We left my parents house for LAX about 4:00 PM on Thursday, July 31. We arrived in Singapore at about 5:00 AM on Saturday, August 1 and took a short nap so we could make it through the day on Singapore time. So by 8 PM we were all exhausted. The poor girls couldn't even stay awake to eat. But at least they (mostly) slept through our first night here and had a good start adjusting to the new time zone.


  1. Amazing pictures :D Thanks for sharing! WOW!

  2. wow Starlene, I love seeing all the photos and hearing about what life is like there.

  3. Wow! It looks like a very metro city. The indoor mall is so posh.
    How fun to live in a high rise apartment.