Thursday, August 14, 2008

Catching up - When we went to Raffles Hotel and the Long Bar

One of the finest hotels in the world is located in Singapore. It's the Raffles Hotel. Located within Raffles Hotel, is the Long Bar, the place where the cocktail "Singapore Sling" originated. Being the suckers we are, we had to go just to say we'd been there. I say we are suckers because the place is WAY overpriced!! While Singapore is expensive, this was even more expensive.

Gander had a S$25 Singapore Sling and a S$21 Tiger Beer, ate the free peanuts, and had a few "nachos" (if you can call them that). Elly had a S$9 glass of coke. GG drank water and ate peanuts. I drank water, had a few sips of Tiger Beer, and ate a few chips from the so called "nachos." These "nachos" were the worst I've ever had. (I'm talking not even Taco Bell quality.) We should have known better than to order nachos in Singapore. At least we know now.

Oh, by the way, the Long Bar is probably the only place in Singapore where you are allowed to litter. Your supposed to throw your peanut shells on the ground. GG liked that part. She got a little carried away and started throwing her shells at Daddy but, as you probably guessed, that was only after Daddy threw a few shells at her.

Here is a photo of Daddy and his little girls --

It's definitely overpriced but I will give them credit, there is gorgeous outdoor dining area (in a
kind-of-like plaza type area in the center of the hotel property). (See the top of this post. The photo doesn't show how pretty it really is but you get the idea.)

Poor Elly couldn't keep her eyes open the night we went to Raffles. She is so cute when she falls asleep sitting up, don't you think?


  1. it does look like a beautiful patio area, maybe worth the price of a coke?

    the worse thing I ever had was a pizza in Ireland...I can imagine how bad the nachos were!

  2. Yikes! $$$ Sometimes you just gotta have those experiences though... but, boy!, do they gouge your pocketbook!

    It looks be-U-tiful! :D

    This is so fun! I'm having so much fun reading your posts... it's introducing me to the blogging world and I learned how to subscribe to certain blogs and follow them, etc! You're helping me get slowly caught up to the 21st century :D He He

  3. Wow! It looks really beautiful!!! But it made me cry to know that you are really there...across the planet from us...but I wish you all the very best...sending much love...
    K ;)

  4. Wow!!! Isn't my wife amazing? I am so proud of you for taking on this blog and for doing it so nicely AND for agreeing to come 1/2 way across the world with me on this wild adventure. Just like me, you are willing to try new things, take risks in life, knowing not what the future holds, but knowing full well WHO holds the future that He holds us in His hands no matter what!!! You are awesome and I am soooooo grateful that you have supported me 150% with this endeavor!! I love you...keep up the blogging and let's continue to rock-n-roll through life together!!!


  5. Jenny- Irish pizza and Singaporean nachos. Now we know to stick to the Irish nachos (mmm) and Singaporean ???? - not sure what. Maybe the chili crab.

    Lenora- Happy to help you modernize and glad you are enjoying hearing about things here. Pretty soon you can start a blog. :-D

    Nykkie- Thanks for stopping by. Sent you an e-mail. Miss you!!

    My Gander- Thanks and I love you!!!