Saturday, June 28, 2008

The post where I explain why

Why did we decide to leave the only place in the world we've ever lived and drag our two daughters away from the only home they've ever known? Pretty much it boils down to 1 giant thing and 2 big things.

#1- Faith - We recognize that God has always led us and helped us grow in Him when we follow. We have put all of this in God's hands and He has been the one that worked out the details. We're trusting that this opportunity comes from Him.

#2- Adventure! I've never thought of myself as the adventurous type. Definitely, Gander, my husband is an adventurer but NOT me.) I can't blame this on him, though. He's not dragging along his unwilling wife and children. Well, maybe one of the children is unwilling but I'm not. I'm excited (and nervous)! I know this is going to be a MAJOR change and it's not going to be easy but, WOW! How many people in North America ever have the opportunity to travel to Asia much less live there? How many families get to develop a wider view and understanding of the world and cultures through first-hand experience? We're leaving our bubble and going to see what's out there for ourselves.

#3- It's called "career advancement." Gander will be working directly for the president of the Asia-Pacific region of his company. He'll get international exposure and gain experience and skill sets beyond what he could get if he stayed in North America. It would be an understatement to say that Gander is an optimist and a dreamer but, even this, I don't know if he ever dreamed of an experience like this. I am so proud of him and I know he is going to do an amazing job!!

The post where I introduce my blog

It was about 1 month ago my husband and I traveled across the Pacific Ocean and set foot on the continent of Asia for the first time ever. Now we are preparing to move there for "who knows ?" how long. We're surrounded by piles and boxes of "stuff" and I am sweeping up miniature mountains of dust bunnies that have collected under/behind our furniture and belongings during the eleven years we've lived in the same home. My nose is stuffy and my eyes are itchy from all the dust. But in about two weeks our house will be completely empty and all of our belongings (with the exception of a few suitcases and their contents) will be either in storage, donated, or ready to ship to Singapore.

Since we made the decision to relocate from Southern California to Singapore, I've had so many people tell me things like, "You'll have to stay in touch. We'd love to hear about your experiences and what it's like in Singapore." I thought this blog would be the best way to let people join in our adventure, in a sense. I'll share about the experience of moving and, when we get there, you can read (and hopefully see plenty of pictures) that will show you what our new life is like. I'll be the crazy American walking around Singapore snapping photos like a tourist -- and all so you can "join me."

So I hope you'll enjoy hearing about everything. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know you're here. I'd love to visit your blog in return.