Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The post about Elly's first day of school

My baby is officially a "big girl!" This statement is accompanied by both smiles and tears. I can't believe it's been more than 5 years since I looked on "Elly's" beautiful face for the first time. You would think that I would have felt this last month, on her fifth birthday, but I guess it took watching her ride away in a school bus to bring it on. I wonder why I didn't feel the same way when GG rode away in the bus but I guess maybe it is because I was so relieved that she went, I didn't have a chance to feel sentimental. Or maybe it's because she is older so, even though it was the first day of school for both of them EVER, it just felt different.

As I suspected, Elly had no problem at all with saying goodbye. She hopped on the bus like she'd been doing it her whole life and smiled at me through the window. Can you see the top of her sweet little head in the picture below? I can tell she is smiling. :-D

Here is my confession - - The girls almost missed the bus. It's barely the second day of having to get to the bus on time and they almost missed it! I barely had time to snap a photo of Elly before we ran to the waiting bus, after everyone else had already boarded.
What kind of a mom am I? I guess I'm the kind that used to homeschool - - and one of the many, many reasons why is that I always thought (and now have confirmed) that I would have problems getting them to school (or the bus, in this case) on time. I've GOT to manage my time better.


  1. thanks for sharing the photos, it's great to see the girls!

    Yes, I would have that problem too, remember when it was a struggle to get them to the learning center by 10????

  2. Yeah... 10am LC is still tough for us many times :D


  3. Oh, yes. I guess it doesn't really matter what the time of day, it's just the necessity to be on time that causes problems. ;-)

  4. Love the pics of the girls going to school! They both look so cute in their uniforms.