Saturday, August 2, 2008

A little funny

Before we go on our errands, I had to share a quick "funny."

In an effort to be helpful, Gander e-mailed some people (not sure who) with a 800 number for the serviced apartment where we will be living until we find a permanant place. He did not notice on the website where the number was listed that it is a local 800 number, and thus would only work when making the call from within Singapore. So......... it turns out that when this number is called from within the United States, it is a number for some association of some type for "consenting adults." (LOLOL! I'm a little nervous about posting that phrase on my blog. If anyone does an internet search for the phrase, I hope I don't come up. Yikes! Wouldn't want people getting the wrong idea.)

So far, my dad is the only person that I know has tried to call us. He so kindly shared the experience with us when we called to let my parents know we arrived safely. He asked Gander, "What kind of place are you guys staying at?" Gotta love my dad. (I do love you, Dad!)

Anyhow... if you have that 800 number, now you know you can't reach us that way!!


  1. That's pretty funny. I'm sure you'll have lots more little mishaps like that as you get used to your new home!