Monday, August 11, 2008

GG's First Day of School Update

I'm thrilled!! GG had a good first day of school. :-D

Before school started I had e-mailed her teacher to give her a little "insight" into GG, hoping it might help things go more smoothly. She e-mailed me back about a half an hour after school was dismissed with this message:

"Just to let you know that G.. had a very good first day. She was quite shy initially and chose to hold my hand in the line -up this morning. Once she was introduced to her buddy ( H..) however,she seemed much happier and was chatting and laughing throughout the rest of the day! During the afternoon, G.. was putting her hand up and participating in our discussions.

I know it's still early days,but I'm extremely pleased with the start G.. has made in Grade Two
Well done, G..!"