Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why blog more?

My resolution to blog more has a simple explanation - I missed being in touch with my friends and family over this last month that I stopped. Plus, blogging is fun. I know having a blog isn't a "complete package" with regard to staying in touch with friends, but it helps.

So that's it. If I fall of the blogging bandwagon again, please feel free to pester me in an e-mail. Just don't make me feel like I "HAVE to" do it, or I just might quit blogging altogether. (See my original post telling my resolutions to understand what that means if you don't.)


  1. As you might suspect, I need to associate electronic communications with old fashioned ways of communicating. Well, wouldn't you know I heard a program today in which the topic was "journaling." Guess what they said? "Blogging could be the 21st century way to journal."

  2. I like this resolution, too! I feel like I am more connected to you when I hear what you are up to. Please, please blog more! I was just about to send you an email, because I haven't heard anything from have dropped of the face of the earth!

    miss you Starlene! Here is to a great 2009, go get a bagel and lift it in a toast with me....!

  3. Hello over there! HELLO!! hey, I thought you were going to blog more?!!

    just reminding you...