Monday, January 12, 2009

My new way to waste time

Now that the girls are back in school, what will I do with my free time?

Hmmm.... I could list a bunch of things that I *should* do (like unpack our boxes from the move over 5 months ago) but instead I opted for something else, more fun, you know?

I joined Facebook this morning. I got an invite from Monica so, being unable to turn down an invitation to anything that sounds like it might be fun, I joined. I have no idea WHAT to do at Facebook but I imagine, before long, I'll get the hang of it.

It's just what I need, don't you agree? More ways to spend time on the computer. Actually, I don't think I spend all that much time on the computer these days. I'm not home a whole lot and when I am home, I usually only get on the computer if no one else is home and that is only if I don't have to cook or clean or any of that *boring* stuff. When the girls are here, they are begging to either play on the computer or watch something on youtube. (I'm going to have to start using a timer for how much playtime they get because they are taking over the computer.) If they aren't on the computer, then I'm probably busy helping them with something, cleaning up a mess, or refereeing a disagreement of some sort. OK... I'm probably exaggerating (a little). It's not quite that bad but I will admit - - I didn't realize being a mother would be so much work. It doesn't look like this on tv, you know? I guess that's because if they showed the real life of a mother, no one would want to watch. It would be too agonizing.


  1. ha! the part about no one watching..yeah, I agree!

    Kevin wasn't so keen on my joining facebook, but then he started seeing all the family I was chatting with, and he joined too. It's kind of cool, and doesn't really take that much time.

    my kids are taking over my computer too..somehow Kevin's old laptop (which is supposed to be the kid's) won't connect to the internet, so that leaves mine..and the 3 youngest just discovered "Club Penguin"..and while I am happy that it has boosted Rand and Amie's reading skills and is making them want to learn typing..they are on my computer too much! grrr... I did start setting a timer, they only get 30 minutes each now. But still, for 3 kids that is 1 and 1/2 hr. and then Larissa wants to check her email and stuff.
    we clearly need another computer!

    I am so glad you are on facebook, it will be easier to take a peek on what is up with you!!

  2. Sorry I corrupted you with FB :)! I think you will get a kick reconnecting with a lot of friends. But please don't stop blogging because I like to hear the details of your fam.


  3. I'm enjoying FB but, honestly, I still like blogging (writing and reading) better. So I'm glad you'll still keep reading my blog and VERY glad that you both will still keep blogging. :-)