Thursday, October 16, 2008

Before and After of me

While Gander was away on his last trip, I decided it was time to beautify myself just a bit. See if you can guess what I did from the pictures below. (You have to ignore my hair -that's not what changed. I mean, I know it looks different but, trust me, I realize the AFTER pic does not show a more beautiful me if you focus on the hair, or, sadly, on the smile or the chin. I guess that's what happens when I take a picture of myself when I should be sleeping. It was close to midnight. I definitely like the before pic better, overall, but there is one small thing in the after pic that's better, I think.)



I'll give you a hint. It's not what GG guessed when I asked her the next day if she noticed anything different about me. (Word of advice: Never ask a 7 year old if you look different.) She looked me over and seriously replied, "Fatter?" Ummmm..... no. (Well, maybe. Those all too frequent trips to McDonald's to get an American food fix may be having an effect.) But that wasn't what I was going for. At least Elly has a kind heart and after hearing GG's remark and my embarrassed laughter, she guessed "Skinnier?" Anyways, neither of those are the correct answer. Have you figured it out yet?

I'll give you another minute.

Times up! YES! It's my eyebrows. I'd been wanting to have my eyebrows shaped for a long time. They were way past due. Gander noticed the difference right away but I don't think he likes them much. He asked why I had them made so thin. I like them but maybe he's right. Oh well. It doesn't really matter too much. I feel like they liven up my eyes and I'm not self conscious anymore about my brows being too bushy.

There's more to the story. I went back a couple days later and had more done but I'll save that for another post.


  1. Ok...that would have taken me another day...I thought you looked beautiful...but just sat at the computer going...duh...I thought you looked tanner...LOL!!!
    I need an email from you so that I can post "private" thoughts...
    Miss and love you heaps...
    p.s. I guessed ten dollars...but messed up while posting the comment...hahahahahaha!

  2. Nykkie- I think I actually look redder. It's just the lighting/flash/background (maybe). You could probably see the difference better from another angle but it's kind of hard to do when I'm taking my own pic.
    Sending you an e-mail right now. :-)

  3. I thought you got a tan as well. The brows look great!

  4. at first I did think it was your hair, the second pic looks like you have bangs almost.

    Then I was thinking maybe eyebrows, but it is hard to tell, because the first pic you are not looking straight at the camera, it's kind of at an angle.

    Good for you! I've always wanted to get mine done, but then the thought passes and I never get around to it...

    and..I already know better than to ask my kids those kinds of the time Amie said my hair was orange. I still have a complex about my hair.

  5. I noticed it right away!!! You look fantastic. Don't let you hubby become the authority on eyebrows. He's a guy. What do they know anyway? Sorry cuz :)

  6. I could tell right away! I like it, Starlene!

    You have an award at my place. Come get it.

    Get Your Award Here!

  7. Aw, shucks! Thanks you guys! I'm posting a better "after picture" in a few minutes so take a look. :-)

    T- I'll be over to check out my "award" soon. It's taking me a while to catch up from being sick. "See" you soon.