Thursday, October 2, 2008

As you can see...

My blog is no longer mine. It has become ours. As with most other things that become a joint effort or are shared, there are positives and negatives.

One of the positives of having Gander contribute to the blog is, I'm sure you will now laugh a lot more. In addition to his "talent" for taking the most unflattering photos of people, he also has a talent for being funny. The negative side of that is, now that Gander has the ability to post whatever he wants, there is a strong possibility that I (and some of you) may be embarrassed (if you haven't already been embarrassed by any of the photos he posted recently). I'm afraid I'm going to wake up one morning to ... Oh wait. I better not say anything. I don't want to give Gander any ideas. He doesn't need any help coming up with ways to embarrass me as he is already an expert in this area.

Another positive is you'll get to see a lot more photos. I've been holding back on posting tons of photos because I didn't want the blog to take a long time loading for you. Hope this won't be a problem but please leave a comment if your loading time increases drastically so we can figure out a different way to show you all of the embarrassing photos that Gander wants to post.

It doesn't feel so "peaceful" and "calm" around here any more but, I guess, for some, that could mean that it's become more interesting. In any case... Enjoy!

Oh, and a big welcome to Gander! Have fun posting on the blog (but not too much fun or you'll be getting your own blog, honey).


  1. Wow Starlene, I think Gander has hijacked the blog!! I am barely just wading into all the he is prolific in his posting, I must say!

    you are right though, he is making me smile! I love all the photos!!

    Welcome Gander!!

  2. Hijacked. Yes! That's the right word for it.