Wednesday, October 1, 2008


What can I say? God knew not to let me find out about this restaurant in downtown Santa Ana until about 2 months before we left for Singapore, otherwise I would be broke. Ambrosia is probably the best overall 'experience' restaurant I've ever been to and to top it off, we went just prior to coming to Singapore with our awesome food aficionado friends, Steve and Monica....what do I mean by 'experience' restaurant? Well, it has everything you could ask for in a restaurant or at least all I could ask for...great ambiance, great food, great service, great wine selection, live jazz band that will play whatever you ask them to, numerous private rooms to match your occasion however large or small - the best room, which we've toured before, has wall to wall cigars and you can smoke em right at the table. Oh, I'm not done yet. Just like an old castle with secret passage ways, one of the cabinets that has wall to wall cigars folds out to expose a secret passage way to the top of the theatre that is right next to us with private seating if you reserve that guys gotta go check this place out...I'm not paying though :) :) But wait, there's more....there is a VIP lounge in the basement called the 'Vault'. It's actually an old vault and when you walk in they have large leather couches and chairs to chill out with friends...highly recommend this place. It was awesome to have a goodbye dinner with our good friends, Steve and Monica - enjoy the photos!


  1. Oh man... you have to tempt the rest of us who are still with in the reach of temptation! Hugh? :D

  2. I think the vault was my favorite room, it's very cool!

    This post is making me hungry. I think we had our very best food experience at Ambrosia, it's an awesome 5 star restaurant!! We have to save up to go back...

  3. Lenora - Agh, don't worry, you wouldn't like it at all (smirk). ;-) Honestly, if you ever have a very special occasion to celebrate (and you aren't completely vegan at that point), Ambrosia is the place to go. You can reserve and use any of those special rooms for free, even if it's just two of you. It'd be a great place for an anniversary.

    Jenny- Yes. We'll need to save up for it, too. I look forward to going to Ambrosia when we visit home. Maybe it will coincide with when you and Sky have enough saved up for such a splurge.