Monday, September 8, 2008

Outside our new home

As promised, here are some photos. I'm going to do several different posts with pictures so that there won't be 20+ photos in one post. I wish I could figure out how to do one of those neat little slideshows like I've seen on other blogs but I will have to save that for another time. It's already 11 PM and my rear end and back already hurt from sitting in a child-sized wooden chair with a box as the "desk" for my computer. (You'll see what I'm talking about in a different post.)

All of the photos in this post show the outside of our development.

This is part of what you see when walking in through the main entrance. The building straight ahead is our tower.

The next picture is a closer shot of our tower. You can't see our windows because they are behind the palm trees on the right.

The next two photos are taken looking out of the windows of our condo. (We are on the 7th floor. I am dealing much better with this height than I dealt with being on the 16th floor at our temporary apartment.)

This photo is 1 of 2 of the pools specifically geared toward children. Can you see part of the red slide on the right side of the pool? Water sprays down into the center of the kids' pool from that big structure you see. There is also a play area right next to the pool which you can't see here.

The photo with the three colored pillars is actually the "adult" pool. The kids are allowed to swim in there but it is much deeper and larger. It is to the right of where the kid's pool photo was taken.

This is one of several BBQ areas that can be reserved. It is in between the kids' pool and adult pool you saw in the previous two photos.

The last two photos are more detail of the kids' pool and play area.


  1. Beautiful! It's a good thing that the girls have been taught to swim and love it too!

  2. A very good thing! I think swimming almost every day is the best part of Singapore, as far as the girls are concerned.

  3. Starlene, I have serious pool-envy now! How great you girls are such good swimmers. What a cool place to live!

  4. WOW (drool, drool)... what an amazing change of lifestyle and pace. Talk about URBAN!! Gorgeous! You'll never be able to vacation at 5star resorts, because "home is so much nicer", He He!! Looks gorgeous! Thanks for all the pix!

  5. Your place is beautiful! How nice you have so many pools to choose from when you need to cool off.

  6. Wow! Starlene, this is amazing! I LOVE your blog! Alida w4