Friday, September 19, 2008

Gander is home!

Gander arrived home late Wednesday night, very tired. He brought all three of us girls shirts. Isn't he thoughtful?

These are just some of the pictures he took while in Sydney, Australia.

The 2 pictures below were taken during his two days in Auckland, New Zealand. I guess he didn't have as much time for sightseeing in NZ.


  1. So jealous of all of Gdrs travels! Australia sounds wonderful. Hi to all. We're in Germany now, visiting my inlaws and such.:D

  2. I can relate. I'd love to be able to visit all those places, too. But, hey, at least I got a shirt, right? He, he.

    Can't wait to hear about your trip! Hopefully you'll have pictures for your blog. :-) Enjoy the rest of your time there and have a safe trip home.

  3. you must be so glad that he's home!

    great photos!

    So, he went to Australia and NZ and "all you got was this lousy t-shirt" that what it says??
    (remember those shirts from the 80's?

  4. Hey Starlene,

    did you change your email? I emailed you at your gmail acct.

    or call me when you can...boy, I need to get a webcam, don't I??

    My Learning record meeting went great!! I'll email you about it..wish you were here so we could go out and get cheesecake to celebrate!!