Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Hmm... which pool shall we go in today?" ask GG and Elly

If only the question of which pool to swim in was really that dignified and calm. Unfortunately, the (now daily) dilemma of deciding on a venue for swimming has become an ugly, whine-filled, no-way-to-make-everyone-happy occasion. Actually, it's turned into a lesson in taking turns. Since Elly and GG can't agree, I had to step in and lay down the law. Thursday was GG's turn to choose, Friday was Elly's turn, today was GG's turn, and so on.

As wonderful as the pools and outside area are at this condominium development, it has become a source of intense disagreement and more than a few tears. To put it simply, GG and Elly are spoiled by too many choices. Even after I turned it into an alternating schedule, there is still crying and begging and accusations of injustice (of course, not in that terminology). I suppose if the bad attitudes don't clear up soon, the next step would be to suspend swimming privileges for a while. I don't want to have to do that, though, so hopefully things will improve.

They really have no idea how fortunate they are.

In an attempt to try to lighten the negative tone of this post, here are some pictures of the "happy times." (Sorry. Just trying to share the joy [snicker] of this adventure with you all.)


  1. Tsk, tsk, tsk... such tough problems! He He... too many pools!

    Although we don't have the multiple pool dilemas, for everything else we do "even & Odd" days... it makes everything fair and there's no having to remember who's turn it was Yesterday etc. S has an "odd" bday (day, year, month even!), J has "even" (day, year, month!!) :D


  2. Yes, I was thinking about that today. I hope I didn't sound as if I was complaining or bragging about the number of pools.

    Great idea about the even and odd thing. And great way to teach them even and odd right away. I bet they knew their even and odd number before they were even 5. I don't think I could use it with the swimming because they don't actually get to swim every single day but I have ideas of other types of disputes that could be settled that way. Thanks for the tip!

  3. I love seeing all the photos! Well, they both look very happy in the pics!!

    I'm not a fair person, I like what Bill Cosby said, "Parents aren't interested in fair, we only want quiet!" I usually make my kids flip a coin and then tell them to stop whining...I'm not very fair!

    you could scrapbook this, "the year of pools"... my kids are going to be jealous when I tell them of your, ahem..problem!

  4. How fun to have your own water park! The girls seem like they are having a blast!