Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our Daughter's Deep Thoughts on Singapore

Enjoy - This is our 5 yr old daughter giving us her take on life in Singapore :) We also threw in some additional photos for good measure from our trip last week to the Singapore Flyer; the largest in the WORLD.

Our youngest daughter, just like her daddy, loves a good chocolate shake - thank God they have such a place in Singapore or we may not have made it this long, especially with the heat and humidity!!!

Our oldest is VERY excited about going in the Singapore Flyer 'capsule' in the background. Like her daddy, she is very adventurous and not much scares her... she made the headband that she's wearing :)


  1. ooh, we loved that! The kids all watched, too.

    we miss you guys!

  2. Very cute! I'm glad you're blogging again.
    P.S. I tagged you again.

  3. Hey Starlene,

    I tagged you for a photo meme over at my place!