Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from us 2008



  1. Dear Eric, Starlene, Grace and Lauren... thank you so much for this video.. it was like you were here if only for a moment.... I am thankful for seeing you guys today... so wish you guys were with us. tonight I so hoped you would walk through the door... a light flashed by the front door and for a second I thought maybe it was you suprising us.... I started to think too much of our conversation today thinking why was starlene with you on the way to work... maybe you guys were on an airplane... at least you made it into our living room by this video..
    all our love
    Catherine Joe, Joseph & Brooke

  2. HAPPY THANKSGIVING AREL FAM!! Thanks for the video. It put a big smile on my face and Cadiz and Mason were giggling watching the pocahontas girls. We can't wait for that knock on the door!


  3. If you come pounding on our door you are responsible for any damage you cause. I am thankfull for the success of your move and that God has allowed others to see your talents and gifts. Nice to see all of you in the video and we always look forward to all of your adventures.


  4. Great video! Hey, I really like the Pocahontas hat is really good looking too! Well done, "Big Poahontas!"

    Love, Grammy

  5. Hi Cousins. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I am so thankful for the internet (among many other things). I love that I can "see" you and talk to you whenever I want. I got to see the Pomona Arel's/Leal's the day of Tyler's christening. In fact, it was through the web that I met my new nephew. Even though you are far away, you are in our hearts and thankfully...on my computer screen!


  6. From Christine and Rachel miss you all so much. Unable to see the short movies,but so thankfull to read about your lives abroad,love ya christine and Rachel

  7. Hey Arel's its the Ramirez's
    We all miss you so much. We hope to see you all sometime in '09. We are so glad that God has Graced your family an experience that not everyone can do in this small world of ours.
    How wonderful to see the girls getting so big, especially GG, toothless and all, heh heh. Madison and Cameron are doing their fair share of loving and tormenting us as they grow and learn, but we love them so much.

    Graveyard at work is now a way of life for me, so I will be more diligent at reading and sharing your blog.

    Take care and safe journeys for all of you.