Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Casino Royale Christmas Party Singapore

Starlene and I had the opportunity to go to our Asia-Pac HQ Christmas party this year and the theme was 'Casino Royale' - Almost all of the men wore James Bond type tuxedos and the women got all dressed up for a night of fine food and fake gambling - It was very cool to get all dressed up and pretend I was James bond. Starlene, I mean 'Natalia' the Russian Spy, (Her name for the night) and I had a blast and both learned how Baccarat works - very fun game, but we're not ready for Macao or Vegas just yet :) Anyways, thought you would enjoy a few photos from this night; Starlene looked GREAT in her dress that she had flown over from the US and altered in Singapore. The party was at the Pan Pacific Hotel and we were fortunate enough to have a babysitter stay all night with the girls and we stayed overnight at the hotel. :) Notice the bonus photos of me next to my boss, one normal height of me and him and one with me stooping dramatically :)


  1. Love the photos, you both look great! So the Gooseman is growing a beard? How does that go over in Singapore? Starlene, the dress is lovely, so glad you found one in time!!

  2. Wow! Natalia and Mr. Bond you guys look HOT!