Monday, August 3, 2009

Two Anniversaries, One Week

July 27, 1996
August 2, 2008

Can you guess the significance of these two dates? Both are anniversaries and both are dates that mark life changes for us. The anniversaries are within one week of each other (barely).

I'll start with the most recent, August 2, 2008. - - It was 1 year ago that we moved to Singapore. [Well, technically, we left the U.S. on July 31 but we didn't arrive in Singapore until August 2 so that's the date I'm using.]

It's been over a year, now, since we have been home. I call it "home" because I still don't feel entirely like this is home. It's where our home is for now. I'm very happy here and I'm not ready to leave yet, but I can't imagine that I wouldn't want to go back to Southern California to live again at some point. Sure... Singapore is great and there are definitely some advantages to being here rather than in the U.S. but that doesn't change how I feel in my heart.

Now, on to the other anniversary, July 27, 1996!

Thirteen years ago, "Gander" and I were married. As our officiating minister said during the ceremony... it is probably the best we would ever look in our entire lives. I won't comment on "Gander" but I will comment on myself simply by saying, "True, true."

If I had the energy and time, I'd take a photo of a photo from our wedding day to show you just how wonderful we looked. I know that sounds conceited but, if you saw the picture you'd agree. I know you would. :-D (And if you didn't agree, I know you'd be too polite to say so, right?) Unfortunately, it's past midnight and I just don't feel like messing with it so, sorry. You're just going to have to trust me when I say I was a beautiful, elegant (well, maybe not elegant) bride and "Gander" was a handsome, charming groom and we were clearly thrilled to be husband and wife.

Fast-forward 13 years - - -

We celebrated our anniversary in Langkawi, Malaysia. We stayed at The Andaman for a family vacation (a different post) and had a babysitter from the hotel watch the girls while we enjoyed an amazing, beautiful, and romantic private dinner on the beach.

I know we don't look as "amazing" as we did on our wedding day. That's ok. What's important is we are still thrilled to be husband and wife.


  1. What a beautiful anniversary photo of you both!
    Blessings for many more years ahead wherever that may be. Hugs & doggie licks to all-R

  2. Both wonderful anniversaries! You were a beautiful bride to a handsome groom, and now you are a beautiful wife and he is a good-looking husband and in SINGAPORE! God has such surprises for us all throughout our lifetimes!

  3. you both look wonderful, and I have seen your wedding photos and I have to agree you were a stunning couple, and you were an elegant bride!!

    wow, dinner on a beach, what a great memory!!! Love it!!

    kiss, kiss to you two!!

  4. Wow! WE have missed you. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I hope you've plugged in to a great church and support group! Bless you dear sister!