Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Vacation... It's Not Just for Kids

I hear parents complain about summer vacation. They get sick of the kids being around. They want some peace and quiet. They look forward to the day that school starts up again and they no longer have to listen to the chorus of "I'm bored" or "Can't we do something fun today?"

I can relate to a certain extent but, to be honest, I am loving summer vacation with the kids. I, actually, may be enjoying it more than they are. Sure, there are times I'd rather have more time to myself and less noise and mess to deal with. Like today when we I had to take them grocery shopping with me and the checker told me I looked "really stressed." (Yeah, I don't enjoy grocery shopping with my kids at ALL!) However, there are some definite advantages to being on break from school.

I think top on my list of reasons to love summer vacation is probably sleeping in. I'll probably regret it come August 11 (first day of school) but we've been sleeping in until between 8-9 AM most mornings. I haven't decided if we'll keep this up as long as possible or if I'll start easing us into an earlier morning schedule about 2 weeks before school starts. The thought of waking up early unnecessarily makes me sad (and tired) but, then again, the thought of dealing with kids that won't/can't wake up on time to catch the school bus isn't too attractive either.

Another perk to summer vacation is the freedom to "fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants." I don't like the feeling of being too scheduled. I like to have loose plans and vague ideas of what's going to happen during a day/week. Waking up in the morning to a variety of options for the day's activities is fun for me. Yes, we still have commitments throughout the week but the majority of our time is spent relaxing and doing what we feel like doing. I'm enjoying the playdates with friends, spontaneous outings, and hours spent beside the pool watching the girls play together. Most the kids in the condo are in school right now (local schools follow a different holiday schedule) and most the girls' friends from international school are either out of Singapore for the summer or not close enough to meet up with every day. That means the girls mostly just swim and play with each other most days.

This brings up something else I love about summer (or at least, our experience for this summer). GG and Elly have been getting along so much better. They still disagree and bicker (and, yes, even fight) but spending more time together has made them closer. I'm really enjoying watching them play together so well.

Since this post is rather long already, I'll limit myself to one more reason why I love summer vacation. There has been a sharp decrease in the cost of medical care. I happened to walk by the kids' doctor's office today (it's in the same shopping center as Grace's gymnastics class, different level) and it hit me... we haven't been to the doctor since before school was out. It's probably been almost 2 months since we've been to the doctor. I'll just say this - having contact with fewer children has sure helped on the health-front.

To wrap it up, I just want to mention how thankful I am to be in a position where I can enjoy summer vacation. I know many people don't have it so easy and I recognize that. I feel incredibly blessed!!

Now tell me... what do you love (or hate) about summer vacation, assuming you experience it in some way, shape, or form?


  1. Starlene I only wish that sleeping in was on my list! The kids are early birds so they are still waking up as if they were on a school schedule. Cadiz is up around 6:30!

    Here's what I like about summer.
    My kids become their best buds temporarily.
    We enjoy the the freedom of planning our day with fun activities..beach, pool, park, fair, movies
    We catch up with good friends we don't normally see during the school year.
    We look forward to family vacations.

    I'm always sad when summer is over!

    I'm glad that you are enjoying your summer and I'm happy to see you blogging again!

  2. LOL... our summer so far has been the opposite... what you described is our "school year"... (homeschooling) and now the kids are in summer camp and I have to get up earlier to get them out the door! Yes, I guess our true "summer" will be the following 2 weeks when we have nothing but a few playdates and plans to go chill at the beach.

  3. Hmmmmm...I am a bit is nice that they are home. At times...*sighs* But I get very annoyed sitting at work and fielding the various calls like "mom, so and so is being mean to me"..."mom, can I have an otter pop"..."mom" get the picture. My boss thinks it's hilarious. I do however, love the fact that I don't have homework to deal with...and Sunday's, I can just spend time with them and not have to rush...don't have to worry about dealing with school clothes...all of those things. I just wish I had a "summer vacation"...hahahaha! Love and miss you guys! ;)

  4. sounds nice Starlene!

    I like summer, the same reason you stated, not having to 'do' anything, getting to sleep in and see where the day will take us.

  5. Good answers, everyone!

    Monica- Sorry the kids won't sleep in. But I bet you are still putting them to bed at a reasonable time, aren't you? We're letting them stay up til 10 or 11 some nights.

    Lenora - It makes me miss homeschooling because it was like that for us, too. I hope your two weeks to chill makes up for the early mornings taking the kids to camp.

    Nykkie - I forgot about the school clothes and homework. Yeah, it's nice having those monkeys off my back, too. I'm glad your boss doesn't get upset about the calls from home. That *would* be annoying, though.

    Jenny - No surprise there. We are so alike in so many ways.