Friday, July 25, 2008

The post where I express my gratitude (and some sadness)

I'll be honest. There have been times before we made our decision to move, that I thought I wouldn't really miss my home and my life in CA. I don't know how I could have believed that. I guess maybe the stress and busy-ness of everyday life can make me lose sight of the blessings woven throughout my "everyday" days. As the time for us to leave gets closer and closer, I'm realizing more and more what I am leaving behind. And if that isn't bad enough, I think once I get to Singapore, it will get worse. I know I am going to miss my friends and family most of all.

I don't know how I could have missed seeing what was so clear -- I have amazing friends that I love and they love me. I can't believe how many people are praying for our family and how many people have made genuine offers to help us as we prepare to move. Right now I am making myself at home at my best friend's house (Jenny of "Home is Where you Start From"). Her very talented and generous husband did a whole bunch of work on our house for us as a favor. (That reminds me, I need to post a photo of our beautiful bathroom floor that he tiled.) Several of the moms from my homeschool support group bathed me and my family in prayer on Monday night - - what a beautiful blessing! And they plus others are keeping us in their prayers regularly.

I can't even list all the ways that friends and family have shown their love. (There are lots of other examples I could have listed.) I guess that's kind of the idea though, right? Friends are those that give and bless without condition or expectation of repayment or accounting/keeping track of everything. I don't deserve their friendship and I didn't earn their acts of kindness. Now that I think about it, it reminds me of how God freely gave me life in Him and I don't have to earn His perfect love.

So all that to say to my dear friends and family... thank you for all you do and say to show your love and friendship. Thank you for reminding me of Who loves me beyond all measure.


  1. My heart in denial that you are leaving soon. We have so many fond memories with you guys.Here are just a few...Seeing Gracie at the hospital after she was born, the Alisol,the Mission Inn, supporting us when Steve broke his leg,Family Bible Study,Fourth of July, and many memorable dinner dates.
    We are going to miss you tremendously but we are excited to see what plan God has for you in Singapore. Everything here will remain the same so take advantage of this opportunity to experience a new way of life.
    We love you,we will pray for you and we can't wait for you to come back and visit!

  2. Monica-- We will miss you guys, too! We sure do have a LOT of great memories. I'm sure someday we will make more.

  3. Starlene,

    your post made me all teary eyed...I have been in denial that you are really leaving. I am going to miss you, more than I can imagine, I am sure.

    have fun on your trip, see you when you get back...