Monday, July 28, 2008

Another post written in San Luis Obispo

I'll tell you two big differences from our time here 12 years ago to now --

1. My parents didn't come with us on our honeymoon but they are here with us this year. (They came back from London yesterday just so they could see us before we leave for Singapore. It only made sense to invite them to join us, otherwise we'd miss half the time that we are all here. I know, kind of odd, but we really enjoy time with my mom and dad so it isn't as weird as it sounds.)

2. How do I say this without giving out TMI? On a scale of 1-10, 1 being worst:
Honeymoon = pretty close to a 1;
12th anniversary = pretty close to a 10!


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  2. So, the Honeymoon was a 1?! I'm wondering why I haven't heard this story...

    you'll have to tell me when you get back and we go to starbucks....

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! Wow! 12 Years! I should be right there with ya, but as you know, life often takes unexpected turns. I am grateful for where I am now. I am so thrilled that you have this blog. I will look forward to reading it and staying in touch.

    Love, best wishes and prayers,
    Cousin Kim

  4. okay you have landed and barely checked into your temporary housing... why is there no update yet... you've had a least 2 minutes of free time to do this.
    what's up... love ya, catherine

  5. Hey! Thanks for the link to your blog. I'm so happy you're blogging - and letting the rest of us still in California live vicariously :D

    The kids enjoyed seeing the pictures of G's 1st day of school... looking forward to more.

    We are all happily adjusting to life with our new sweet dog... let the girls know... the kids have even convinced him to play a few rounds of "catch" every now & then :D... he now goes up to the "tree House" on his own on occasion! He's having so much fun.

    Hugs - Lenora, S, J