Monday, February 2, 2009

Time to find my sanity

After the girls' week-long vacation from school (for Chinese New Year), I'm extremely thankful for the events of the last 15 minutes.
~~They left on the school bus!~~

The combination of Gander being gone in Australia, not having a car to go places quickly and more easily than the public transport, and not having friends to hang out with like we did back home resulted in overload for all of us, I think. We did get out and do some things and spend time with some friends that the girls have made. It's just more stressful, in a way, because it all takes so much planning and the girls are still "finding their way" with the friends, not having had many opportunities for play with them.

I hate to say that I'm glad the girls have gone to school but... well, it's the truth. I love them and (when they are not being difficult) I like to be with them. It's just that after this week I've been missing something. So please excuse me now. I need to go look for my sanity. I can't remember where I placed it. I'm afraid it may have been stolen but I'm hoping to be able to track it down.


  1. You may find your sanity inside a pint of Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk - I've found mine there a few times in the past. Love ya sweetie.

    The Singapore Gooseman

  2. Yes, maybe I'll go to Dempsey Hill tomorrow and spend some time with my friends Ben and Jerry. Thanks for reminding me. ;-)

  3. Welcome to the club! Your sanity WILL show up somewhere, but the question remains as to when. It's normal! In the meantime, here's some XOXOXOXO.

  4. I haven't been reading blogs for some time, but I TOTALLY agree!! The kids haven't had learning center classes for a few weeks, and these weeks are SOOOOOO hard!! I need that bit of time to myself for my sanity :D Lenora

  5. we all have days, weeks like that, don't feel bad that you did a jig as the bus pulled away! :)

    Let us know when you do find your sanity, maybe mine is hiding with yours!

    say hi to B & J for me...

  6. Thanks, you guys, for making me feel less alone.
    Lenora, will LC classes start again soon?

  7. Hoping you get this...I tagged you for a blogger world tour. Find it here

    Hope things are going well...